David Bretton

Slick Design

Dr David Bretton, 'Best Young Dentist' at both the 2017 Dentistry and Private Dentistry Awards came to me looking for a website to demonstrate the professional and clean service he provides to his clients. We worked together to create a site that conveyed the ethos that he offers.

David was looking for a slick design to match the teeth he tidies up on a daily basis.

He asked me if we could go for a block style layout therefore I created a design which matched that specification - keeping it simple and easy on the eye.

Development Phase

I then began the development phase - once again turning to Wordpress, as it was a popular platform which I'm experienced in, so I knew I could create a back-end that David could work with effortlessly.

As David is a highly talented dentist, he offers many services to his clients therefore I ensured he had the ability to portray this with an unlimited amount of options on the back-end of the site.

Blog Creation

Another important part of David's career is helping others, therefore we decided it would be good to have a blog where he could post about his work, talks he has done or other dentistry related items.

Finally, I implemented a contact form which would allow his clients to easily get in touch with him if they wished to take advantage of his tremendous services.

David was easy to work with and was professional throughout, which I expected based on the profession he's in.

He was very pleased with the final result and it was a pleasure to help him showcase his talent.