GWE Services

After previously building GWE Services' original website we agreed it would benefit from being revamped slightly, to make it look sleeker and more content focused to demonstrate the great work they do in the Electrical Industry.

Finding the Balance

I began working on the designs and with the help of Mark from GWE, we soon found a good balance between clean User Interface design and content which would help increase their capability of ranking high on search engines.

I began the build in Wordpress and quickly managed to set up a clean platform where Mark could update his latest work along with any new blog posts.

I also setup a panel where he could create new items each time he had a new service to offer.


On the front-end of the site we wanted to demonstrate GWE in action, 'on the job' so I created a homepage slideshow so Mark could upload new photos as and when he needed.

Mark also wanted a button which would give any potential clients easy access to a contact form, so I implemented a fixed button which remained on the page throughout the duration of scrolling so the user always had an accessible way of getting in touch.

With the addition of some key testimonials we had a site which had a clean UI and also the potential to attract new customers for GWE Services.

Thanks to Mark for the collaboration and I look forward to seeing them do more great work in the future.