A Treehouse Success Story

Aug 07, 2019 Freelancing

Becoming an experienced web developer didn't happen overnight, and I owe a lot to the resources I used right at the start of my journey. Treehouse was the main catalyst I used to help me land my first job, they even inducted me into their success stories when I did eventually get my initial job in the industry.

When I first started out I was using free resources, which were great to begin with but I knew if I wanted to gain the skills needed to land my first job I needed to utilise the best training resources online and maximise the high quality content they provided.


I tried various platforms like Codecademy, Lynda, Tuts and many more. They were all useful but I preferred Treehouse because the courses were a lot more interactive and had a good balance between theory and practical exercises.

Another benefit to using Treehouse was that they awarded you points and badges for each course you completed. This proved crucial when I went in to interviews because although I didn't have a university degree the employers could see that I was investing the time to learn, which for a junior developer is probably the most important quality you need.


Employers understand that as a junior you're not quite able to deliver all the requirements of a client, but if you have the passion to learn then they know you'll get there with time.

I'm really thankful to Treehouse because when I did manage to get my first job in the industry they admitted me in to their success stories.