Finding Images For Your Website

Aug 08, 2019 Freelancing

Choosing images for your website can be difficult, especially when a lot of images can't be used for privacy reasons.

You don't want to be caught using copyrighted images as you could end up with a hefty fine.

Here are some ways I go about including images on my projects:

Free Options

The main free resource I usually pluck from is Unsplash. It has a wide array of categories to choose from and the images uploaded are extremely high in quality.

One thing to note is, I resize the images after downloading as they're a fairly big file size and will slow down your website without optimising.

The second resource I use is Pexels. It's similar to Unsplash but has a different collection of images to choose from so it can be a good choice when you need more options.

Other free alternatives include Gratisography, Morguefile and Pixabay.

Paid Options

Although free options can be great they have a limited amount of images to select from, using paid resources provides a way to select from a wider array of results.

They can also provide a better selection of transparent background images which are hard to find on open source websites.

Shutterstock is usually my go to option when paying for my images.

It's usually around £10 per image so it can become expensive if you're planning on buying a lot of images.

I personally only tend to buy one or two images which are feature images on my website.

Other alternatives include iStock, Fotolia and Getty Images.

Both of these options are great for your website or, if you can afford, it can great to hire a personal photographer to capture some more personalised images.

Either way these resources should provide you with enough content to make your website look more lively.